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@rsnowflake There's a lot of people On here that have real pain I hope others will respond When I started with fibro I was going through menopause my son was Adolescent I'm sorry to say we conflicted a lot but Love pulled us through ,he's why I moved to Calif and my grandson.From my muscles being weak I have problems there which therapy is helping and nerve pain from back I,he been into P.T. a lot from my back to hands ,shoulder and it's amazing how much it helps have you gone to Physical Therapy?If you haven't ask Dr about it you have to be your own advocate as you know your body better then anyone and push down those ugly beasties to the ground don't let them.win its your life not there's it's a fight I know but it's your fight we all have them ,sorry for getting on my soap box but if I can help of you just want to talk I'm here plus there's a group here ago to home page click on the group that interest you I'm in several here it's warmer there today yea

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I feel like the pain doctor that I am seeing is a waste of my time. They have me taking cymbalta, lyrica, and norco. I am still in constant pain. I have asked if there are other options and was told no. I have a topical cream that helps my foot, which is where the CRPS started, but I can't rub it everywhere. I am just beginning this struggle. It sounds like you have experienced this for a long time.

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