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Want to talk with others. Have you found relief from CRPS?

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@rsnowflake Good morning I'm Lioness I use to live in the Pittsburg area before moving to Calif. I have fibromyalgia O.A. and had a fracture back that gives me pain. I know about the weather issues even when it rains here I feel the change and we are in a rainy pattern now. I am 76 now but remember by 40,s it was tough that's when fibro started my mind was all over the place with that and menopause I was a wrecking ball wonder my family didn't desert me. Its good days and bad we all have but I have developed a tool box of stuff I do. Ice ,heat Tens unit for relaxation, Tappingsolutions.om if your not familiar with tapping. Tai,Chai, I started a chair exercise program here where I live Ginger turmeric tea for imflamation and it just taste goods. I wish back in those days I would have known about some of those tools . Sometimes when Dr,s don't have the answers we have to look elsewhere . I do a lot of research on any subject ,computer is great for this . WebMD.com ,https://www. nich.nih.gov I'm here if you want to talk This is a good group of people on here that care and try to help others

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Thank you so much for your reply! It is a struggle every day. I also have a 15 year old daughter. She is amazing about all of this. My disorder unfortunately is like phantom pain. My brain sends pain to wherever it wants! So the pain I feel is very real and has even made me faint a few times, but there are not many doctors who treat this disorder. I got my medical marijuana card. I use it just to mellow me out , it doesn't take the pain away , but at least I can feel a little relief! Any time you would like to talk please contact me!!! People don't really get chronic pain so it's really good to talk to someone who really understands.

Hello and glad I found you. My 62 year old daughter is not just coping with pain but also nausea, slow motility, headaches and severe cramps in her abdomen. She had bariatric surgery one year ago. Her specialists point to the probability that it is vagus nerve syndrome but they have no suggestions other than that.
She is also excellent at research and we both have come up with the same list of tools that you have. They are mentioned all over the web. She has corsense to monitor her condition plus a blood pressure monitor. One person in this forum suggested checking (acronym) IFFGD and i highly recommend that Foundation. Please keep posting as perhaps we can all put this together for each other.