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I was diagnosed a little over a year ago. It started after a broken ankle. It never really healed. Got purple and blue..really bizarre. Went back 2 orthopedic surgeon and he knew someone who studied crps for 2 years at Jefferson hospital in Philadelphia. I was very lucky 2 get diagnosed early, but it all went down hill after that. I got a nerve blocker on my leg. It worked great. Unfortunately it jumped quickly 2 my arm about a month after the nerve blocker. I didn't get that lucky that time....it got really bad and nothing worked. So I got a spinal implant. Sounds scary, but saved my hand!!! They put 2 leads in in case it jumped 2 my other arm...which it did. I use an ipod to control my pain day 2 day. Weather plays a big part of good and bad days, and so is stress. So try and find something just for u 2 do on those rough days..... really! I'm a 45 year young woman and I'm coloring to calm me down and I listen to music and tune out the pain. Would like to talk more I'm rsnowflake!

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@rsnowflake Good morning I'm Lioness I use to live in the Pittsburg area before moving to Calif. I have fibromyalgia O.A. and had a fracture back that gives me pain. I know about the weather issues even when it rains here I feel the change and we are in a rainy pattern now. I am 76 now but remember by 40,s it was tough that's when fibro started my mind was all over the place with that and menopause I was a wrecking ball wonder my family didn't desert me. Its good days and bad we all have but I have developed a tool box of stuff I do. Ice ,heat Tens unit for relaxation, Tappingsolutions.om if your not familiar with tapping. Tai,Chai, I started a chair exercise program here where I live Ginger turmeric tea for imflamation and it just taste goods. I wish back in those days I would have known about some of those tools . Sometimes when Dr,s don't have the answers we have to look elsewhere . I do a lot of research on any subject ,computer is great for this . WebMD.com ,https://www. nich.nih.gov I'm here if you want to talk This is a good group of people on here that care and try to help others

I have Chiari malformation and the nerve pain is hell! I can't sleep from the pain,and really need help blocking it out! How do you do that??