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Cervical stenosis

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Bill I can tell you the surgery is not that big of a deal. I’m 35 and had a fusion done a year and a half ago on c4c5. It started as you said In fingers. Eventually both of my arms were numb. I was unable to wake them. I researched my surgeon and picked the best one in my opinion. Can honestly say I had a 100% improvement. I felt and was ready to go back to normal activities in two days. Honestly wish I’d had done it sooner. I understand not wanting to go the surgical route. But I definitely suggest you research all your options. And if you do surgery talk to a lot of people in your area n find a good surgeon.

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Did they go in anterior or posterior

Did they do posterior or anterior approach with your surgery/
How much pain was involved and any difficulty in swallowing

That is very reassuring as my symptoms are also numbness. Surgery is very worrisome to me.
Did they do the anterior or posterior approach for you surgery?