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Cervical stenosis

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@billandri Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have had disc degeneration and cervical stenosis for over 20 years. I have had 4 doctors review my MRI's and history and tell me I am not a surgical canidate (I would not see a benefit in operating) To help deal with the pain, a combination of epidural injections and pain relievers gives me the most benefit. Billandri, can you share with us what you have tried to help with your condition?

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Hello Jen: I just recently joined Mayo Clinic Connect. Tomorrow I'm having my first appointment at the Rehab Centre for atrophy in my left leg, numbness on the bottoms of my feet, and diabetic neuropathy. Even though I have kept my blood sugar low (5.2 – 5.8) in the past year or so, I'm just starting to experience neuropathy now. In the past couple of weeks, I have developed a rash on my shins and around the ankle area, which is as itchy as the devil and brings on a burning, stabbing pain. It's disturbing my sleep. Well, even with all these complaints, I at least felt as though I knew what was causing it — i.e., my Type 2 Diabetes. Then I joined Mayo Clinic Connect! Now I see posts and links to articles that seem to indicate statin drugs can cause neuropathy. Another post led me to what I had thought in the first place, which is that my cervical and spinal stenosis could be causing my problems. I've been taking statins on and off for years, my cervical MRI indicates "severe stenosis" and my lumbar problems have caused marked stenosis in that region. So here I am back to being puzzled as to what's causing this neuropathy. What questions do you think I should ask my rehab therapist tomorrow when I see her at my appointment?