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Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy

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Thank you, I will check with them. I only had a terribly sore arm with the first Shingrix shot, which I received in Oct. 2019. I did have a red area, about a 5 inch circle–most of my upper arm, around the injection site. I couldn't lay on my arm for about a week, and then it itched to the point it woke me up all night. That went on for several days.
I had the second shot on Jan. 15, 2020. I waited a couple weeks before contacting my doctor, thinking that the burning would go away as suddenly as it had come, but it didn't. I contacted my doctor, who did blood work. Everything was good there, with no indication of any autoimmune disease or vitamin deficiencies. He referred me to a neurologist who checked me out thoroughly and could find nothing wrong. This neurologist is very open to the idea of the burning coming from the vaccine. He is an older gentleman who has lots of experience, and said that he has seen things like this from other vaccines. I am to go back in a couple months if the burning is still there.
My burning is worse during the day, and I just tolerate it. At night I use essential oils on my legs, as they seem to calm my legs (restless legs) and allow me to sleep. I have had RLS for 30 years that comes and goes for a few weeks at a time, and then goes away. When this burning started, it seemed to jump start the RLS into full speed, and it is still going strong.
I am sorry so many seem to be suffering from these vaccines, but it does help to know that I'm not the only one!

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@3boys, please keep us informed. It would be interesting to know if anyone’s neuropathy onset coincided with a flu shot. Is it possible that something which interferes with one’s natural immune system defenses could have negative implications? That would be pretty scary.