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Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy

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Hello @rita143, welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you can share your upcoming blood test results with us. I'm sure it will be helpful for other members with the same symptoms and questions. Here's what the CDC has to say about the Shingrix Vaccine:

What Everyone Should Know about Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix) – https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/shingles/public/shingrix/index.html
Complications of Shingles – https://www.cdc.gov/shingles/about/complications.html

@jager5210 has also discussed the vaccine and may have some information for you. Did the nurse who suggested it might be symptoms of fighting off an infection mention the vaccine as a possible cause?

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The nurse did not think the shingrix vaccine would be responsible for my high neutrophil count or cause of fighting off infection. "I wondered "could the supposed infection my body is fighting off be at all related to shingles vaccine?" I was told no,"
I will definitely post follow up info after I get blood work back. Thanks, John.

I have been surfing this site for info re ShingRix. Immediately after my first ShingRix, on March 12, 2019, I had what I thought were to be symptoms or Restless Leg. It was five months, a sleep study, and a myriad of blood tests before a neurologist did an EMG and said I have Idiopathic sensory neuropathy of unknown etiology. I don’t feel it has progressed beyond my toes and lower legs. I am taking Gabapentin, 600 mg at bedtime and Amitriptyline 25mg at 6 p.m. I have never increased this. I sleep well 95% for the time, do have a hard time getting up early in the morning, but do not feel the need for a nap during the day. One of my immune test results is a bit off but no treatment for this located. Based on my history, I am unwilling to have the 2nd ShingRix. Yoga helps a lot. My balance is good as is my gait. Any thoughts? Thanks from this 77.5 yr old female.