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Shingrix and peripheral neuropathy

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There are two different Shingles vaccinations, 1. The original "Shingles" shot is a one time shot; 2. but the newer "Shingrix Shot" is a two- shot process. If you got the Shingrix shot, you will need a second vaccination within two to six months of the first one for it to be completely effective. However, if your doctor administered the original Shingles Shot, it is a one shot process. You will have to contact your doctor's office to find out which variety of the shingles vaccination he administered to you. If he is a good physician, he should have told you or asked which of the two varieties of the vaccination you wanted. The newer "Shingrix" vaccination (two two-shot process) is greatly more effective than the older one-shot Shingles vaccine. However, your Part D Medicare Drug carrier would have to have it included in the vaccinations which they cover as it is a more expensive vaccination. I hope that this helps you understand that there are two different varieties of Shingles vaccines on the market today!

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@charann2000 If you have be chickenpox you have the virus in you

I've had shingles 3 times, and while they are terrible, I would give anything in the world if I had never taken the Shingrix vaccine. It has changed my life forever and not for the better. I can barely walk many days and there is not a single day that I'm not in pain. I know a lot of people who took it and had no issues, however, I would never recommend it.