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@sjot4u I completely agree that the post-TRK is something of a shock – for me not so much continuing pain, but the effort I have to put in to move forward, and the toll on my stamina. I am still sleeping more, although it has improved. I did a lot of pre-hab so that is not it; in decent shape for my age. But I wonder how long I will have to keep doing these exercises. Good luck.

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I got cut off. I have a small computer and numb hands. More to the Point. Exercise the rest of your life and keep mobile and walk daily.. If your insurance covers Home Health , get a physical therapist for the maximum. Follow up with the maximum Out patient Pysical therspy and if needed, occupational Therapy and Psychologist. Then, health spas are $45-50 a month .If you are 65 yrs or older, think about selling your home and moving to a Senior Center(not Nursing home)You have gym activities, swimming pools, social activities, meals paid for and transportation to shopping and social events. They have all the conveniences of kitchen living rooms, bedrooms. some casitas, etc. Usually they cost about $4500-5000. a monthy married. ( add up your monthly expenses sometime) Visit 5-10 of them to get the right fit. MAKE SURE they have "Assistive Living Programs", If you are getting older with other problems, they have smaller apartments but evaluate you for additional help, such as bathing or dressing. My observation in visiting these facilities is this. Look for Assistive living quarters that have a walk in closet and a stove and frig as well as a living room and Wi-fi in all the rooms. Possible also, 2 bath rooms with walk in showers and i bath tub. (Google–"A Place for Mom") to get a list in your area. Or, think of moving to warmer climates. Arizona. Thnk lower elevations and big cities with small city surrounding of gardens and outside locations. Doesn't this open up a lot of excitment? Of course, the most logical thing is to get services in the home. But, don't wait too long to think about these opportunities. They are not nursing homes but privately run businesses that have to have staff to deal with you. I know, because I too am in the planning stage. How much more economically I could have been living under a full array of services and sociability. We don'[t live forever and end of live needs planning. Just think. Job and Solomon lived to 140 yrs. old. With good living,why can't you….Me too. bi8ll54321.

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