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I just had my TKR on 2/7 and can relate to the pain. I am still using the opiods with the support of my doctor. Frankly, without them, I would not be hitting my flexion and extension goals. I am using the pills to achieve those goals and to get through brutal PT. But it's my every intention to wean off of them as soon as reasonable. I am sorry you are getting such a hard time and lectures- not fair. The pills are made for precisely these reasons- TKR or THR- and we are not using them for abuse. I will say that insomnia is still a real problem for me 9 days out even with the pain meds. I wake myself up with an alarm all night to dose myself and not get behind in the pain. Please ask to speak to your doctor if the nurses are trying to shame you. Feel better soon!

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Thank you for your reply. Tomorrow I am 4 weeks post-op. I’m happy to report that I am doing very well. My flexion is at 113 after being stuck at 95 for about 5 days. Once I got past that it’s been easier to make progress each day. I’m using Ibuprofen and icing and elevating for pain control. Now that I’m off the Rx pain meds I have resumed talking Rx sleep meds. Most nights now sleeping isn’t a problem, but some nights I wake up with discomfort that keeps me awake for awhile.

I love walking with my new knee! After 14 years of progressive knee pain, I’m amazed at pain free walking. Overall, my TKR has been a good experience.

I hope you have great results with your new knee. Be well!