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Ear Tinnitus and Pain with Neuropathy

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Hi wolfbauer, it sure does sound like guillain-barre doesn't it I didn't have the flu though and it happened within the week of the flu shot. It is documented on a national vaccine reporting site that the flu shot does give GB although rare. I always thought the flu shot just gave flu feeling side effects and that's not true. I read last week so many horrible reactions to vaccines that are documented and some being permanent and some causing death. I go for a spinal tap this Friday but my MD said if it is guillain-barre, it already peaked (which it did I felt the massive pain sensations and paralysis which is slowly subsiding) and the guillain-barre proteins may not show in my spinal fluid now. All the doctors thought for sure I had MS but that is negative from the EMG and brain scan and the MRI of my spine. All I know is it sure came on FAST. Thank you for your reply every bit helps.

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What I was trying to explain is that people mistakenly think that Guillain-Barré is only caused specifically by the vaccine itself. It's caused by an autoimmune response to the genetic material of the flu virus which is present in both the vaccine and (obviously) the contagious flu virus. The flu vaccine contains inactivated flu virus (basically chopped up flu virus genetic material that your immune system recognizes as the flu and [usually] creates antibodies against the strains of the flu virus contained in the vaccine). Yes, it sounds like you have Guillain-Barré, and if you do, it's clear the vaccine caused it. I'm trying to convey that many people refuse getting the flu shot because of GB, but everyone has the same statistical chance of getting GB from catching the flu from a doctor's office door knob as they do from the flu shot (in my opinion, if the risk is equal, why not get the flu shot and bolster your chances of being immune to the seasonal flu virus?). The flu shot doesn't always cause flu-like side effects (the majority of people who receive the vaccine experience no side effects save for perhaps a little soreness in the muscle from 0.5mL of vaccine being injected), but I can tell you from experience, when it does cause flu-like symptoms, it can knock you on your butt. It's a matter of semantics, but it's not technically the flu… it's impossible to contract the flu from the flu vaccine (the constituent parts of the inactivated virus are incapable of causing infection or replicating; they've been destroyed). I'm not trying to be a pain, I'm just passionate about the topic and trying to educate. I went to college to be a doctor of pharmacy, and I'm licensed by the American Pharmacists Association to vaccinate patients with all vaccines (depending on the state; in RI where I went to school, we were able to give out all vaccines. I live in, and grew up in, NY, and we only used to be able to administer the flu and pneumococcal vaccines, however they have allowed pharmacists to administer many more vaccines in recent years). I have been administering vaccines since I was 21 (I can tell you, women seem to have no problem with needles, and men either whimper, or they try to be tough, flex their muscle, and all that does is cause the needle of the syringe to tear through the muscle instead of sliding through the fibers more easily in a relaxed muscle). Anyway, after my long rant, I'm glad to hear you don't have MS, and if you do have GB, it sounds like you're on the mend! Before I was diagnosed with all my health conditions such as small fiber neuropathy and autonomic dysfunction, one of my specialists was convinced I had MS, and I went through the same tests… I can relate to your relief of not having it. GB sucks, my great uncle had it really bad; I wish you the best of luck at your appointment and through your recovery and hope you feel better soon!