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Ear Tinnitus and Pain with Neuropathy

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I believe you are correct about NSAIDS having tinnitus as a side effect. (I take Vimovo and Tylenol, as needed). When I went in for my Autonomic tests at the Mayo, I refrained from taking them 72 hours beforehand. It was really strange about having the raging tinnitus and Autonomic Neuropathy symptoms hitting me at the exact same time. The doctor my Neurologist wants me to see is a Neurotologist. I haven't set the appointment up yet, but I will, soon. I wish you the best of luck next week. Are you having the tilt table, QSART testings? Those are the tests I had done at the Mayo which confirmed my Autonomic Neuropathy/Dysfunction. I also had blood and urine tests done, which were sent to the Rochester Mayo Clinic, for analysis. I don't have diabetes or an autoimmune disease – I am in the Idiopathic category of what the cause is.

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I have non-diabetic neuropathy and I have tinnitus as well, but I don't take any meds for the neuropathy, so I think the tinnitus is tied in some way to the neuropathy. I am also in the idiopathic category. Does anyone know of any treatment for the burning in the feet. Also, does anyone suffer from Piriformis syndrome? I do have lower back issues, but the neurosurgeon says they are not causing my sciatic symptoms. Says it may be a damaged or impinged nerve, perhaps by the Piriformis muscle, Anyone else have this along with the PN?

Hi – I am in the process of being referred to a Neurologist in San Diego. I have had neuropathic pain in both my feet and I’m wondering if your neuropathy symptoms are feet related. I have high pitched ringing and low sounding tinnitus in both ears. These symptoms have been going on for many years only my tinnitus is worse and I’m pretty disabled with my feet at this time due to the pain. I had an EMG 14 years ago which was negative for large fiber neuropathy and I was never offered any other tests. However, I have always suspected SFN although I still don’t have any numbness. I am wondering which tests are preformed to determine a proper diagnosis. My symptoms have waxed and waned over the years. I have had some years in between with mild and manageable pain and was pretty active until this current exacerbation that started three months ago. Thank you.

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