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Ear Tinnitus and Pain with Neuropathy

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Yes, I have been battling tinnitus (loud and high pitched "locust" sounds in both ears) with occasional ear pain for over a year now. I, too, have Small Fiber Neuropathy and Autonomic Neuropathy. My hearing and ear health tests have checked out fine. I take Gabapentin, NSAIDS, midodrine (for Orthostatic Hypotension), and a couple of other meds as a result of breaking my thoracic spine in 7 places, 10 years ago. Those meds don't have tinnitus listed as a side effect. My tinnitus started, the same time I started to experience symptoms of my Autonomic Neuropathy which was just over a year ago. (My Neurologist had me undergo all of the testing at the Mayo for Autonomic Neuropathy/Dysfunction – having a concrete diagnosis in November). He wants me to see a specific ear specialist, as there may be something we can put in our ears to take away the very annoying tinnitus sounds. I haven't made that appointment yet.

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Hi @teetee7 I just saw your post that mentioned Midodrine – can you tell me how much you take and how it's working for you? I've been having a terrible time with low BP in the mornings and the mido (100mg I think) doesn't seem to do much for it…

I had the same ear pain and high pitched white noise in my ears. I have SFN as a result of chemo. I take gabapentin, cymbalta, oxycodone, and blood pressure meds. I got where I couldn't stand it anymore and went to an audiologist last fall. She fitted me with hearing aids and tuned them so that the tinnitus is all but gone. It was truly a life saver for me.

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