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Inner body fusion L-4 -L-5 failure

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I’m at Mayo now. I saw my Drs yesterday. My hardware didn’t hold my surgery was Nov 14th this year. My bone Dex scan doesn’t be look good. My bones are soft. I have been on Prolia shots for 5 years and taking Vitamin D 50,000 mg a week. That did absolutely nothing for me. Today I will see an encronoligist about my bones. Apparently there is better treatment that they will give me than what I’ve been doing. I’m in pain 24/7 my back, upper legs, and hips. This goes with soft bones called Ostereomalacia. They hardware will remain in my back. The titanium disk slipped back where it was. Sorry this is so long. It’s hard for people to understand what I’m going through. They think a walk will help. I am walking myself all over Mayo just really slow. I’m determined not to be pushed around. Thanks for listening.

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@user_chf56161a, that is a tough update and understandably frustrating. You may notice I moved your message to your previous discussion on Inner body fusion L-4 – L-5 failure. I did this so the members who you were discussing with could see your update. Are you comfortable sharing what the better treatment you will be trying according to their recommendation?

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