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Mold Toxicity

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He just got the results of his carotid Doppler and CT scan of his head. The Dr called my sister back with the results. All normal. I’m am in a rehabilitation center recovering from surgery to repair my tibia fracture. So i told my sister about what I’ve been doing research on about mold toxicity and to tell the Doctor my concerns about it being caused by mold. The doctor replied no he would only be having respiratory problems and said you don’t pass out from mold poisoning. So I asked her what’s next? She said the doctor just told us the results. He didn’t mention anything about what’s next. His labs last week showed his WBC to be elevated also and is RBC low so now he has to see a hematologist and Opthamologist because of his eye going black. That’s it. I want to call this doctor and blast him out. What’s your take on this?

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@dmk1227 Good for you for being an advocate for your dad. His doctor doesn't know enough about mold toxicity, so it's best to find a functional medicine doctor or environmental allergist to help. Clearly, he should move out of this apartment. I suggest contacting his county health department in case there are regulations about mold remediation in rental properties, and yes if there is water damage that's visible, there will also be mold that has grown there. I would think this health risk would allow him to break a lease more easily. I know you're a bit upset with the doctor, but don't spoil a good relationship with him/her, just find another specialist. The doctor is familiar with your dad's health and he may need those services to continue unless you plan on finding a new primary care for him.

Mold toxicity causes a lot more symptoms that just respiratory. One of the practices that was a pioneer in the field of environmental medicine is the Environmental Health Center in Dallas and they do treat mold toxicity. Here is their page on mold toxicity with lots of information and the AAEM website where there is a provider search. You have answered the question since his symptoms disappeared when he left the apartment and that may be enough to just get away from it. I'm glad you came here and that I was asked to help. I have been a patient in environmental medicine for years and learned a lot from my doctor.

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