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Mold Toxicity

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Hi my dad has been experiencing the same kind of headaches with feelings of his head being on fire. This has been going on for about a month. He informed me that he has passed out 3 times in his living room, bathroom and kitchen. He lives alone and is currently having a carotid Doppler and brain scan. My sister has taken him to live with her until we figure out what is wrong. Living at her house this past week, he has not had any symptoms. So last night he said maybe it’s my apartment. He lives on the 4th floor of a building and has ceilings in the 2 bedrooms and living that have water damage from the roof. The landlord has done nothing about it and always tells him the roof has been repaired. He still has the water damage. I know mold grows in damp areas. I said maybe it is a mold issue that is causing the health problems. He has also lost sight in one of his eyes and complained of his muscles aching all of a sudden. Can you please advise me how to get my dad the medical help he needs. He is 83 years old and has been in the best health until all these symptoms started. And I know he has not told me everything because he never complains about anything and doesn’t want to worry me so who knows what else is wrong. Thank you so much and hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon

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Good morning @dmk1227 and welcome to MayoClinicConnect, We’re all volunteers who share information and resources from our own experiences with health problems. I’m glad you’ve found us.
This certainly sounds like a serious time for your father. I’m so glad he was able to go to your sister's home while things are figured out. I’m hoping that @jenniferhunter will join our conversation as she can give you more information.
Can you tell us what any doctors so far have said?

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