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Mold Toxicity

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I was exposed for about 2 yrs before we found that inside our entire west exterior wall was covered in toxic black mold with 3 of the most toxic molds . Symptoms: began with my head feeling on fire some of the time which progressed to most all the time very red face and feeling very hot and head on fire . Skin rashes on arms, face, neck , chest, and these still come and go. Sores on face and arms, systic acne and cysts on back, arms , and random other parts of my body, hypertension , eyes burn and itch, trouble swallowing and developed choking problem. I now have beginning stages of asthma and I use an inhaler daily. Very low energy probably chronic fatigue. Aches and new random pain throughout body with headaches. My body is producing too much histamine now so that causes stomach problems . Nausea pretty much daily . As the months went by without knowing we had mold I continue to get worse . I feel like I have the flu all the time . I have sore throat most all the time also . I have flare ups or episodes where I have to stop and My brain is on fire and feel very bad and then it passes after 5-10 mins. 15 Drs could not figure me out . I had so many tests and lab work done and they told me to go to Mayo Clinic . After we found the mold we moved in 3 days . I contacted the Drs I had seen and most of them would not see me because they said they could not help me . I found a very good doctor in Dallas who specializes in Mold cases and he has helped me some . Toxic mold poisoning is real and it can cause: your organs to shut down, cancer, finished cognitive ability ( brain fog ), and it ravaged my immune system . Now any health issue is 10 times worse . Any allergy I had before is much worse . I take about 17 different kind of meds everyday. I definitely have brain fog, and people will think you are crazy but ignore them . I also met a great Dermologist who herself had mold poisoning and it took her 2 yrs to get back to work and she really has helped me get on the right path. There is no cure . It can kill. My doctor in Dallas did a Urine test and blood test and they found mycotoxins in my blood and urine . Which is bad so now I have to try to get my body to eliminate these out of my body. I will post more at a later time . Please take mold very serious, it can kill but at the least make a persons life miserable .

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What kind of urine and blood test can be done to find the mycotoxins. As I believe I have mold toxicity. Been to many doctors all to be told nothing they can do. Can the mayo clinic do these kinds of test. I live in Arizona but would definitely like your doctors number see if he knows someone here in Arizona or if maybe I could come there… I'm about to have a lumbar puncture to see if I have mold induced meningitis… looking forward to hearing back

Hi my dad has been experiencing the same kind of headaches with feelings of his head being on fire. This has been going on for about a month. He informed me that he has passed out 3 times in his living room, bathroom and kitchen. He lives alone and is currently having a carotid Doppler and brain scan. My sister has taken him to live with her until we figure out what is wrong. Living at her house this past week, he has not had any symptoms. So last night he said maybe it’s my apartment. He lives on the 4th floor of a building and has ceilings in the 2 bedrooms and living that have water damage from the roof. The landlord has done nothing about it and always tells him the roof has been repaired. He still has the water damage. I know mold grows in damp areas. I said maybe it is a mold issue that is causing the health problems. He has also lost sight in one of his eyes and complained of his muscles aching all of a sudden. Can you please advise me how to get my dad the medical help he needs. He is 83 years old and has been in the best health until all these symptoms started. And I know he has not told me everything because he never complains about anything and doesn’t want to worry me so who knows what else is wrong. Thank you so much and hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon

Hi @glenbI I think I found this thru Devine Intervention! I've been sick for a very long time. I just found part of recent concerning issues are due to mold discovery! I've not been to the Dr yet but I'm headed there soon. I'm glad I have a direction to start. Luckily my doc is an old-school, extremely thorough kind of guy. I noticed you mentioned narcolepsy above. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with severe narcolepsy. I didn't think that had to do with now tho. I have a mild TBI from a car accident and also chronic pain issues. I'm trying to think of timeline when these started and I believe it was before I lived in this home (current mold issue here.) Are you of the belief that the mold caused narcolepsy as well?
I must tell you I'm not substituting for medical advice but I have a bit of hope that things may have an answer finally. Thanks for sharing you're story!