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Mold Toxicity

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You seem to have gather up quite a bit of information on toxic molds @glenb . Thank you for coming to MayoClinicConnect! We try to share information and support about our various health journeys. Can you tell me what symptoms you experienced and how the doctors finally diagnosed you?

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I was exposed for about 2 yrs before we found that inside our entire west exterior wall was covered in toxic black mold with 3 of the most toxic molds . Symptoms: began with my head feeling on fire some of the time which progressed to most all the time very red face and feeling very hot and head on fire . Skin rashes on arms, face, neck , chest, and these still come and go. Sores on face and arms, systic acne and cysts on back, arms , and random other parts of my body, hypertension , eyes burn and itch, trouble swallowing and developed choking problem. I now have beginning stages of asthma and I use an inhaler daily. Very low energy probably chronic fatigue. Aches and new random pain throughout body with headaches. My body is producing too much histamine now so that causes stomach problems . Nausea pretty much daily . As the months went by without knowing we had mold I continue to get worse . I feel like I have the flu all the time . I have sore throat most all the time also . I have flare ups or episodes where I have to stop and My brain is on fire and feel very bad and then it passes after 5-10 mins. 15 Drs could not figure me out . I had so many tests and lab work done and they told me to go to Mayo Clinic . After we found the mold we moved in 3 days . I contacted the Drs I had seen and most of them would not see me because they said they could not help me . I found a very good doctor in Dallas who specializes in Mold cases and he has helped me some . Toxic mold poisoning is real and it can cause: your organs to shut down, cancer, finished cognitive ability ( brain fog ), and it ravaged my immune system . Now any health issue is 10 times worse . Any allergy I had before is much worse . I take about 17 different kind of meds everyday. I definitely have brain fog, and people will think you are crazy but ignore them . I also met a great Dermologist who herself had mold poisoning and it took her 2 yrs to get back to work and she really has helped me get on the right path. There is no cure . It can kill. My doctor in Dallas did a Urine test and blood test and they found mycotoxins in my blood and urine . Which is bad so now I have to try to get my body to eliminate these out of my body. I will post more at a later time . Please take mold very serious, it can kill but at the least make a persons life miserable .