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Mold Toxicity

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I have toxic mold poisoning for 2-3 yrs . Inside one of our outside walls was full of toxic mold and we were unaware of it . We had 3 of the most toxic molds there is and the mold experts tested air quality outside it was 300ppm and inside 18,000 it was airborne and very bad . We moved in 3 days . Since I have lived through this hell and I have learned A lot about this . Bleach alone will not eliminate toxic black mold. Yes it will turn white and appear to go away but the bleach will not eliminate the spores. The spores will attach to all of your belongings . We had to throw away 95% of our belongings. If you don’t do this when you move you will take the mold with you . I had been to about 15 Drs when I was sick for the first 18 months and we had not discovered the mold yet, and they could not figure my case out . I had done so many tests and lab work and procedures done it was crazy. Then after we found the mold I have 3 more doctors and they are trying to help me . People will think you are crazy when you have this . There really is no cure but there are some actions you can take to help you contact me anytime by Text or email and I will be glad to share my experience .i want nothing out of it I just hope to help anyone I can because this is a horrible experience .

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I would love to hear about the path that you took for treatment and healing. Also interested in how you remediated the problem in your home. 3.5 years – 9+ doctors for myself & an array of testing – all the while using the exact words – my body is enflamed and swollen internally.

I was exposed to the same three in high levels
Experienced GI infection, elevated PSA, vision issues, memory loss, depression.

Looking for a a highly qualified medical doctor with significant experience with mold health effects

Can you tell me more about your symptoms? I have a fairly small amount of mold in my house, and have two autoimmune diseases.

Can you tell me the doctors you found that helped? I have mold toxicity from black mold. I am having trouble finding the right doctor to help. Thanks!

I have been living through the hell of it for 11 months. Every day my primary focus is just to be okay and not end up in the hospital. I'm so clouded by it that it's hard to accomplish anything else at all, just surviving, barely.
I'm in income based apartments in Big Rapids Michigan and there is no agency with oversight to make them do anything about it. I've about lost everything from it, in and out of hospitals and doctors. I'm so shot out from it, people I meet just assume that I'm strung out on drugs, or mentally ill.
I can't find any recourse, I even contacted the EPA and no response.
If anyone has any insight or suggestions that have helped it would be greatly appreciated.

Just found out that I have high levels of mold toxicity – would love to hear about some of those actions you can take – Sheldon