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Mold Toxicity

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Hi @sundance6, About the only thing I know about mold toxicity is that is bad for your health. I found some information that may be helpful.

Mayo Clinic - Mold allergy - Symptoms & causes
-- https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mold-allergy/symptoms-causes/syc-20351519

Mold 101: Effects on Human Health
-- https://www.poison.org/articles/2011-oct/mold-101-effects-on-human-health

Do you think you might be affected by mold toxicity?

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I was exposed to toxic mold (aspergillius, penicillium and cladiospores) in the my office that leaked for years and years. The toxic mold doctor I go to did testing and I tested positive for all of the molds for antibodies (bloodwork), toxicity (urine), and allergies (prick test). My toxic mold doctor is treating me and detoxing. I also see a lymphatic drainage therapist. I have severe shortness of breath every single day. It started when I was exposed. I had acute bronchitis for 7months plus and that's when the shortness of breath started. My lung doctor says there is nothing wrong with me and that because I've been away from the mold for a year, it is not the mold. She did a blood allergy and antibody test for aspergillius and it was negative. But all of my test at the mold doctor are positive. I have not been able to work in over a year. I am going to find another doctor. Have you ever heard of this issue? I am worried that my lung dr is dismissing the mold exposure and I could have something serious that is not being treated. She keeps telling me she knows nothing of the mold toxicity. Any advice? I suffer from severe persistent asthma everyday. Thanks!

I have mold toxicity. I took a mycotoxin test which is done thru a urine test ( white plains laboratory). It showed my aspergillosis in my body was 47.5 ( notrmail is 7.5

I am struggling however to find the proper guidelines on detoxing and getting this out of my body. Right now I am taking GI Detox and NAC
I a also doing pulse magnetic therapy, epsom salt baths and plan to start sauna.
I have cut all gluten, dairy, sugar out of my diet .

I am only in a few weeks of doing all this so my symptoms are all still there . I was a very active person before this . Walked 3-4 miles a day, yoga 4 days and weight training 2 days .
Since I have not bee able to do anything . Its horrible !!!!