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Small Fiber Neuropathy?

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HelenNicola, just curious as to why you take 1000mg. R-ala? I take 100mg. 3x per day (based on my research)
Did a dr. Recommend that amount? I do know the R form of alpha lipoic acid is THE way to go, and it’s a first line of defense for neuropathy in Europe. Perhaps I need to increase the amount? It helped last fall, then I was losing hair and blamed that so I quit.
In hindsight I believe hair loss was stress related as I couldn’t get an answer about what was wrong, who to see, resorting to Dr. Google and getting scared. Thank you

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my dr. did not recommend, I did some research and started with the 500mg 1xday and when my symptoms worsened I upped my dose and have stuck with it for about 6 months now. My neuro dr. thought it was s good idea also. She wanted me to try nortriptylyne in place of gabapentin but I hesitate to change since the gabapentin works although I notice some side effects, the worst is the short term memory loss but that could be my age too! I experienced some hair loss also but blamed that on the gaba, side effects I find seem to be temporary.

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