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Small fiber neuropathy

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@clairecas Good morning. Thank you for the “introduction” to your journey into the small fiber neuropathy world. We share the same commitment to medical marijuana for pain control. I appreciate your warning about not medicating on an empty tummy. Please tell us more about the flares. Do you know what triggers them? Do you notice that symptoms are stronger with low barametric pressure? And finally, what dosages are you using for tinctures? 2:1? Have you tried a 3:1 or other dosage balm for your hands? Oops, one more question. What do you use to combat the “burning “, especially in the torso? Does it interrupt your sleep? Be safe, be free of pain even if it is for just an hour? Chris

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Hi Chris,
That's a lot of questions early in the day : )
First, I have not figured out what triggers me. It comes on quickly or wakes me at night.
I shift around to get away from any burning in my torso/ arms/legs. I don't have better relief methods right now. The burning (not H&F)is more tolerable if i'm preoccupied. When my hands & feet are really flaired, I can do nothing. I will usually increase my oil which is 6:1 to add another dose. That gives some help.
The vape I use is 1:1, I use as needed.
I did not notice a diff w pressure, though I do get severe migraines strongly influenced by the weather.
Lastly, I purchased a salve suggested by John B from CBDNANOMEDS.com.
It works for short periods of relief w flairs. I will put on at night if wake up irritated enough.
I hope this helps.