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@bonnieb81 I can answer that question as to why?
That is the same area that my stage 1 cancerous polyp was located, at the opening to the appendix.
This happens to be the thinnest lining in the colon. It is only about 4 dimes thick. Therefore, very difficult to remove via an Endoscopic removal. It requires surgery for a right hemicolectomy. Removing part of the colon and attaching it to the small intestine. Three Doctors told me it was my only option to remove that flat polyp I had.
You may want to ask your Dr if this surgery is an option for you?
I wish you the best..

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Thank you so much Jackie, your message has helped me to speed up my consultation or perhaps a second opinion. I think he was a bit evasive. I did ask another question regarding connective tissue disease, as I have Sjogrens and recently I had a biceps tendon that detached. I asked about the ileac valve in the colon if it’s affected by connective tissue disorder, he replied that ‘if it affects the valve there’s nothing that can be done about it! He had told me my last surgery that my ‘Sphincter muscle was weak’ which prompted me to ask about causes from connective tissue’ issues. Maybe I was asking all the wrong questions!

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