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Timing of medications for MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 25, 2019 | Replies (7)

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Thanks Yaggi01. Yes, that does help. I will try that.

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I tried the morning and night routines as suggested, and I was miserable. Talked to my doc, and he said the best time is what works for you, so that you will take them every time. So I take mine at bedtime after a light snack, and any queasiness, headache, etc happen during the night – disturb my sleep a little but not disabling all day. I need to be in good shape during the days as I help my daughter care for a preemie & a toddler. If I was taking the meds in the morning as advised, I felt sick all day – no help at all to her, and tempted to skip them every time something was scheduled on a med day. We'll see if this is "good enough" – waiting on results of repeat sputum culture.