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Is my Lung Disease Stable or Unstable or NED?

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@linda10– Hi! So glad that you wrote me back. When my surgeon told me that I had to move to a radiologist I was also scared! I felt that I was being abandoned. But then I thought, I had full faith in my surgeon, who also had become my friend. I had to trust his judgment. And I did. I love my radiologist! He's the best and has done tons of research on Multifocal adenocarcinomas. I've had SBRT twice. How did you find SBRT? It was a piece of cake compared to surgery, I think!
I think that we have to be on our toes, to expect that down the line we will get more lesions and just take each one as they come. Emotionally, as you well know that's not very easy. With multifocal Adeno. it's always a crapshoot. Should our doctors take more lung tissue through surgery or see if less can be taken by being zapped. My radiologist, oncologist, and surgeon are my team now. There is a consultation after each scan and a decision made. I have two possible lesions that might need to be zapped and lots and lots of little baby lesions.
I hope that you hear soon from your doctor. I hope that you will stay on this thread so that this small group can stay in touch and support each other! Will you let me know what your Dr's decision is and what you decide to do?

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@merpreb sorry, I should’ve added that I have a CT scan and follow up with my Dr on the 19th at Mayo. As I’m wishing for @bluelagoon I’m hoping for a short stay. My husband was diagnosed with RA in September and also has his appointment. Nice thing about Mayo as they work us both in together. My area they are watch has grown but the uptake on the PET has not. I will
Post again when I know more. I realize we are a small group those of us with multifocal. As frustrating as that may be at times, in many ways we are very lucky 🍀.