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@alexisdewilde, there is another discussion here on Connect which may be helpful to ask any questions your son may have from other members living on the spectrum and you will be able to meet @mamacita, @gingerw and @sirgalahad who may have some valuable insight to help with your son's upcoming appointment.

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@johnbishop @alexisdewilde Thank you, John, for including me in this discussion. Alexis, good for you for recognizing your son's possible distress at visiting a new location. Whether you are on the autistic spectrum or not, new places can be intimidating! You know best what triggers your son and how he reacts to new locations, so please take that into account as you prepare for your visit. Is he someone who is comfortable with surprises or does he need a lot of preparation and knowledge of exactly where he is going? That will make a difference on how you approach this trip. Take into account what has worked in the past, in other situations, and apply them here. As a high-functioning autie myself, I can say that new places are intimidating and I don't like surprises, so I try to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Having paperwork or something to keep me focused rather than stimming or reacting to external factors helps me a lot to stay semi calm. Hoping this helps and I wish you best of luck for you and your son. Remember we here at Connect are here for you and for each other!