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Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia and Pain

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I will take any and all advise at this point. my mom is suffering and I believe this is what she is suffering she had shingles for quite a while back and arm and she had no idea she had them , attributed it to her arthritis , was not until pain was unbearable that she called her life alert and admitted into hospital. she came home and has been in pain since then. We tried to get her to doctor but with the pain meds and other medications she was sent home with she throws up all the time. Its sad .. I decided to google to find out what could be going wrong and found she possbily has PHN. would like to take her to mayo clinic to get her some help but have no idea what doctor to ask for .. any suggestions please…

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Hello @patsy0315 and welcome to Mayo Connect,

I can certainly appreciate the concern you have for your mom. I'm sorry to hear that she is experiencing so much pain and unable to use the meds that might help.

If you would like an appointment at one of the Mayo Clinic facilities, here is a link that will give you information on where to call for an appointment http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63. When you call the Mayo number the person who answers the phone will help connect you with the doctor most appropriate for your mom's care.

You do not mention your mom's age or how long ago her pain symptoms began. Also, have your mom's doctors offered any diagnosis yet? Has she been seen by a neurologist yet?

Hi, @patsy0315 – postherpetic neuralgia is certainly painful. I had it after a case of shingles a number of years back. My shingles was diagnosed by my primary care provider, and then the treatment for postherpetic neuralgia was also administered by her. I was prescribed gabapentin, which I took for about 7 weeks or so and then my doctor suggested I trial off the med. At that point, my pain had stopped, thankfully.

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@tikigod18 @hopeful33250 @hosta @cdcc @gmaw4 also may have some input for you as you try and help your mom with her pain you suspect is postherpetic neuralgia.

Was your mom also given gabapentin, or another medication? Are you saying that at this point, a car ride to the doctor is not doable due to continual propensity to vomit?