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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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I was d diagnosed with stage 4 Malignant Neoplasm Of Lung Adenocarcinorm in the right Lung, Nodules in liver and stomach. The right lung had huge Timor which had fluid in lining of lung. All cancerous. At the Mayo in Rochester they did scans and had to remove a quart of guild for breathing before they could start on how to treat after 5 days and seeing different options. Surgery and radiation was ruled out as was the once a month pill. I was put on Carboplatin, Pemetrexed, Pembrolieumab and Keytruda Immune therapy every 21 days.the 3 chemo tram eats shrunk the tumor almost in half and nodules have stayed stable. I got very sick for 4-7 days on the chemo treatments which took days to get back strength than back for another dose.April thru September than went on just the Keytruda. Had my last treatment 6th of January and on 27Th will have scan done to see what my next step will be. This is not beatable so I believe I will go for quality rather than quantity of life I’ve had left.
This diagnoses was a shock as i played pickle ball 5 days a week two hours and was active in swimming and walking and everyday chores. The first sigh of trouble when silvery meals on wheels I walked up three flights of stairs and couldn’t breath when got to top. Called my primary Dr who had me come in as I taught I had pleurisy. After X-ray, scan and blood work same day was told I had cancer and what was my choice. Biopsy had to be done and here at St. Cloud hospital (only place to have done) and couldn’t get me in for 3 weeks. Decided to go to Mayo and they had me in 3-4 days. They have been amazing. Trouble was driving 3 1/2 hours one way for treatments and if blood work wasn’t up to par would have to go home and reschedule.so know am getting treatments at the cancer center here in St Cloud. Back to Mayo every 3 months. Sorry about long post!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. My husband has just been diagnosed with small cell cancer in his right lung and liver cancer. Once we have a plan of attack, I will review your medications to see if they treat him with any of the same ones. I have not read good things about Keytruda but you would know more about how it worked for you. Wishing you well will your follow up on the 27th.🙏🏻

@richcolleen– Colleen- Finding out that you have cancer is certainly time to be shocked! It's like being punched in the stomach and more. It sounds as if you handled this very well and are now bring treated. Please keep us updated!