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Small Cell Lung Cancer: Let's connect

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@margot69 : Hhow long of a ride is it? If you are close to your daughter it might be a chance for her to help you. She must feel helpless.
There are doctors where you are going so your husband should be ok. Don't you think? You have to think about yourself too. Are you going to forgo your health?
Can't you get something stronger for now?

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The ride to Stanford? Depending on traffic, weather, accidents and road construction coukd be 1 hr 45 mins to 3-4 hours coming and going! My daughter is in San Diego, minimum, in good traffic, 7 1/2 hours from here, has taken us 10+. Oh, just feel comfortable at home. She life's in a ranchette with dogs, horses, braying Donkies, goats. Any other time, I enjoy it. SIL is a mechanic and always working on something and people always in and out. I love them and the animals but, if I am not well, I just want oeace and quiet. If they decide I qualify for some treatment, what if that makes me sick? I would hate to be so far away and being our home vacant fir that long, however long that might be. Have a son diwn there too that suggested we rent a place down there, in San Diego! He did not offer to pay for that. Ear Doc gave me a script for Percocit, I have never taken. My stomach and pain meds do not get along well together.