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Small Cell Lung Cancer: Let's connect

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Happy you have joined, lady. I am Stage IV now with nodes and spots on my liver. Brain MRI was clear, so far. If the doctors had listened to me for months, maybe this would have been caught sooner. I haven't even seen an Oncologist yet! Praying we can all beat it. Were you sick from the treatments and where were you treated? Since this is a Mayo discussion board, I assume there.

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I went to Mayo in Jacksonville, FL for lung biopsies, bronchial test & brain MRI after CT scan here showed small tumor in my right lung. After prognosis the Mayo doctors recommended the chemo\radiation protocol. Then I came back home to central FL for my oncologist & radiologist to perform the treatments. While at Mayo they discovered with the brain MRI test that I have hydrocephalus, water on the brain, but no metatasic problems. Now will have to have a brain shunt permantly placed to keep the fluid drained off. I will probably go back to Mayo for that procedure. Am already presenting problems with walking due to the hydrocephalus. Without the shunt there is a strong possibility of demintia & incontinence. Getting old is not for sissies.

Oops! Sorry I forgot to answer one of your questions in earlier response. The chemo/radiation combination never made me sick, just very tired. Am still fatigued, but getting better. My oncologist gave me anti nausea medicine in the IV. Twice in between chemo sessions he ordered special IV liquid for hydration.

I have been thinking of You & hoping that you see an oncologist soon. The chemo I took was a combination of carboplatin/etoposide. Never felt nausea at all.

Hi Margot, My husband just started his Chemo therapy for metastasized Small Cell Lung Cancer which is very aggressive and non curable but treatable. Is your cancer small cell? I would like to find out what successes which others may have.

Margo, My husband was diagnosed with Small Cell cancer that has metastasized to his liver with a clear Brain scan thus far. He started his first round of Chemo and immunotherapy therapy last week with no side effects at all. Praying that more trials will produce a cure, while hoping to keep his cancer at bay until a cure is found. Happy to share his 3 chemo drug/immuno cocktail info if you like.

My husband, PopKorhn, was diagnosed with stage 4 SCLC January 9th. This is such a scary fast moving cancer. He had his first round of Chemo and Immunotherapy series Without any side effects at all! His second round is next week, Jan 26,27, 28th . He goes every 3 weeks ,for 4 series ,then will be scanned to see if this treatment is working. Planning for the future is hard when we just do not know what the future will bring. B