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Hi everyone. I just joined this site. I’m 49 years old . I’ve been struggling with hormonal issues for past 12 years. I’ve been taking Effexor Xr for at least 10 years now. I just found out that I’m going thru menopause. I’m feeling sick everyday. I have lots of weakness in my legs, exhaustion, lack of appetite at times, constant dizziness. I’ve been going to
many doctors and no one is able to help me. I feel that Effexor isn’t helping but making me even more sick. Everyday is becoming a struggle for me. hope someone can make some good suggestions. I’m considering to check myself in hospital and run all tests to figure out what’s going on?

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Did all your tests come back ok from your dr?

Usually depression just comes out from somewhere and takes over your life. My mother, sister and grandmother suffered with this but me now being 73 thought I had passed it by with the blessings of God. But no………it started coming on about 2 years ago and hasn't let up since that time. I have a good doctor and he does try to help me all he can but we just haven't found the "right" medicine yet. Just try to be strong (that's what I try to do) sometime it works sometimes it doesn't but it a daily "hell "for me. God Bless ….try to be strong. Patti

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