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Can you please tell me how you managed your sleep issues? I have pretty bad anxiety and depression and I can't sleep even on Ambien (4-5 hours max). I only take 600 g Lithium for my depression but it's not really doing much. I have Ativan on hand for severe anxiety. Dr wants me on Zoloft but I am terrified of side effects (mainly increased anxiety and insomnia). I'm getting closer to taking it though as I feel quite desperate. Sleep affects everything for me so any advice for that would be appreciated.

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@happythinkingma , I’ve been on Zoloft for 20+ years and have no sleep problems. I used to when I took my dose at night, but now I take it first thing in morning. Also, NO anxiety. I just feel better! Several times the docs have wanted me to change, but I think, if it’s working, why would I change!
Maybe you could also find out if there’s a sleep doctor or clinic near you. I went to one several years ago ( not because of Zoloft) and they worked wonders. I hope things get straightened out for you. It’s not fun feeling miserable. Please let me know how it all goes with your decisions. Becky

I have never taken Zoloft but plan to ask my doctor about it on my next visit. I have changed to many medications but none seem to help but must say I do sleep well. God Bless Patti

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