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Cook book for diabetic

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yes I'm on several meds and it doesn't seem to work very well. I also have a very high stress job which they tell me complicates the issue. Where do I get these books. My wife would like something to follow actually cook to help the issue. I believe I can get it under control with a little help. My diabetic doctor believes as well that we can control with diet

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@wallin. Your local library may have these books. I purchased these books. It would be wonderful to have a cookbook that gives everything right and healthy for D2, but I haven't seen it, as I said. There are many books on the market that say they are diabetic cookbooks, but, I am not sure of their Nutrition information, so I do the research on items myself. If you type in a food like corn, for example. Ask for calories and carbs, and you will get the numbers. Then you can create a meal from what you want. There are so many foods that are not good for D2 and that drive the blood numbers up. The obvious: sweets, pasta, white bread, white rice, fast food, fried foods, and the like that are packed with calories and carbs. I control with diet, but I have to pass on all the yummy, gooey, fast foods, and sweets and pizza. Instead, I eat two greens and a non green for lunch with boneless, skinless, chicken breast. The greens could be kale, broccoli, collards, whatever you like. The non could be beets or squash. I did roasted veggies yesterday: carrots, parsnips, turnip roots, and rutabaga. For supper I added chicken stock to the roasted veggies and had soup and made a simple salad. I just have to look up the info. It's not easy. Once you get a list, then you can pick and choose. Can you try that? Or, can you see a dietician to help you fix menus?