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Cook book for diabetic

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@wallin Welcome to the Diabetes Group. You have asked the million dollar question. I have been a D2 since 2016, and finding foods that didn't spike my blood was then and still is the hardest part of being Diabetic. There are two books that that give advice about eating and what to check for. The first one is The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet. This gives what the different food groups do and how much of each to eat. There is a two week diet as an example. The second book is Understanding Diabetes, 11th Edition. I bought both of these and have found useful information. However, finding what works for you will be more than finding the definitive answer in a book. Have you seen a Registered Dietician? These people are trained to help you work out a menu that is tailored for you. If you live in a large enough area, sometimes a hospital will have classes for Diabetes patients to help in all areas.My endocrinologist recommended a dietician. That's probably the first place to begin. Are you seeing an endocrinologist? The dietician can set your calories and carbs, and foods based on info from the endocrinologist. Have you been recently diagnosed? Over the two+ years I have had to follow a diabetes diet, I have been able to control my numbers without medication. Are you on medication? Diabetes is a hard disease, and it's not one shoe fits all. What one person can eat with no problem, someone else cannot eat. I did a lot of research and found lists of "good and bad foods" and plan meals based on that. Do you know your numbers and your A1C? Everything makes a difference. I wish I could say this is the book with all of the menus for every day all year, but if that exists, I haven't found it. I made a card catalogue of foods with the calories and carbs and use them like a deck of cards. I choose a protein, and then veggies, and see what the total is before I add anything else. Being a D2 means doing some work for the right foods. Does any of this sound reasonable to you?

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yes I'm on several meds and it doesn't seem to work very well. I also have a very high stress job which they tell me complicates the issue. Where do I get these books. My wife would like something to follow actually cook to help the issue. I believe I can get it under control with a little help. My diabetic doctor believes as well that we can control with diet