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@sherlock, I see that you have met some of the members in the Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy discussion, but have started one specifically on CIDP. I would like to invite @pammy922, @cwallen9, @mayor47, and @jazzy27, to this discussion as they have all mentioned CIDP in the past. I would also like to invite @angelarisstrom, who had IVIG treatments for Guillain-Barre syndrome which is closely related to CIDP.

@sherlock, how are the IVIG infusions helping?

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They help with energy and pain. I always know when it's time for my next infusions as pain increases. Is anyone having IVIG just for small fiber neuropathy?

I am brand new to Mayo Clinic Connect. I did several searches. I tried CIDP; spelling it out; spelling it out with P being Polyradiculaneuropathy--that's my diagnosis, but I don't know what it means. Can anyone help?

Hi Justin, please add me to the CIDP discussion group. I was diagnosed earlier this year. Thanks Tony

Please include I also have been do w/CIDP

Please add me to your CIDP group discussion. I have been diagnoised with CIDP and small fiber Neuropathy and have received two 5 day IVIG treatments wit my third in January.. Looking for answers. Struggling to minimize damage at 69 yoa. Help

I have also been diagnosed with CIDP. I believe that this is because there seems to be no apparent cause?
Anyone have any diet recommendations that would possibly help

Hello! Do you happen to know how many women on this website has been diagnosed with CIDP? I was reading a medical journal and at least 96 % are all male. I have been diagnosed with severe axonal senorimotor peripheral polyneuropathy, small fiber neuropathy, gastroparesis, tremors (negative for Parkinson’s caused by the neuropathy) along with cardiac autonomic neuropathy. I have tested positive for over four years for the Epstein Barr Virus. The Guillain Barre Syndrome is a problem of the EBV. My symptoms are on the extreme side. There is a doctor wanting to test me for CIDP? I am wondering if it’s a waste of my time. Was everyone immediately diagnosed with CIDP? Or did you have neuropathy and it progressed to CIDP? Mine is autoimmune all my markers are elevated but I test negative for everything.
I know IVIG therapy as an RN builds up your immunity. Technically, people with CIDP are on steroids and immunotherapy. These lower your immune system so they add IVIG therapy. They recommend it for the rest of your life. If you stop IVIG it gets progressively worse and you can’t reverse the damage.