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Welcome @petangelkat1 to Mayo Clinic. This is a link to a group that is dealing with these questions. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cbd-oil-and-depression-anxiety/
Many of us use CBD oil to help with anxiety and or depression- or both! However I we can not offer any medical diagnoses nor medical opinions. My experience is that CBD oil has reduced headaches, depression and anxiety.
I hope that you can share more about why you are searching for additional help.

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My wife and I have used the CBD ointment on some stiff joints due to arthritis, even though I am too vain to admit to arthritis. The CBD ointment worked well and quickly, and I am most pleased. As far as it helping with depression, it appears I would have to spread it on toast…My wife did bring home some CBD liquid so drops could be put under the tongue. I was having such negative experiences with Trintillix at the time, I saw no positives. My goal is not to get high on marijuana, which would be a first, just looking to see if it is a valid supplement to other drugs. I live in a state which has approved medical marijuana. I am a better candidate for ingestibles…

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