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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 19, 2019 | Replies (25)

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I have a question that perhaps you can help me with. I had a sputum test last fall and two of the three tests came back with positive results and my doctor (whom I like and respect a good deal) described the cultures as some kind of bacteria that acts as a colonizer and is not a mycobacterium that requires antibiotics. He asked me to return to twice daily respiratory therapy (which I’m doing) but I don’t really understand the difference between all the terms that get discussed on this forum. I guess what I’m asking do you think a wait and see approach with what I’m doing is best or do you think I should pursue further? Although I wouldn’t really know what to pursue. I am not actively sick -I’m working- but have a good deal of fatigue. Thx for listening to this ramble😜

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Hi migizii, do you see a pulmonologist who is experienced in treating bronchiectasis? What is the colonizing bacteria, and what can you learn about it? If you are coughing up sputum after respiratory therapy, is it clear or yellow/green? Have you had a CT scan to show if there is evidence of infectious damage to your lungs? I would be hesitant to "wait and see" without complete testing and evaluation by a specialist. The waiting advised by my family practitioner left me very ill, weak and fatigued before treatment commenced. My pulmonologist explained that damage from bronchiectasis leaves one susceptible to infection by bugs that normal lungs would be able to overcome, thus he may treat me now, but would not do so for a patient with normal lungs/lung function.

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