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Big 3 and weight loss

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At first, after diagnosis of bronch, but before the big3, I was so sick that eating was nearly impossible. Now after losing 15 lb and 5 months on meds, I am healthier, but weight is still dropping a pound or more each month. I can do dairy, so my coffee is now 2/3 whole milk and 1/3 coffee. Smoothies with added protein and coconut cream are on the menu too. And I'm eating as much full-fat yogurt as I can stomach, but getting mighty sick of it. I don't tolerate wheat or nuts, so have to search hard for a snack/protein bar that is safe and palatable. Can't wait to be done with this! Also with probiotics and ginger tea my stomach feels better, just no appetite. Today I was pleased to manage a whole burger with fixings but no bun. Everything else, my husband wants to eat exactly as I do, and he cannot handle more weight.

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I have been doing respiratory therapy for a little over a year now but have not had to deal with many illnesses, but my appetite is very variable and I have trouble holding onto my weight also. I do some of the same things you do to help, but it is challenging. Thanks for posting this as it helps me to understand this illness better.

@sueinmn I use heavy whipping cream in my 2 cups of morning coffee. That may boost your calories also. Can add mayonaise and cheese to mashed potatoes. I had lost 24 lbs rapidly, so I was sneaking in calories wherever I could. Post treatment (on antibiotics since 2013 to present) I have gained 13 lbs back and could pack more on (but I don't want to). I am 5'-4" and weigh 130 lbs. This feels ideal to me. Once the infections from mac & pseudomonas were knocked out, my appetite and weight came back. Hang in there, you will get there!