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Hi jmb73, I had gamma knife surgery in Aug 2017 at Mayo in Rochester, MN. I had 2 recurrent meningioma tumors from one that I originally had in 2001. I had the original one in 2001 removed surgically by a neurosurgeon in Atlanta, which is where I live. When I had an mri in June 2017 due to vertigo, it showed that I had 2 meningiomas, both were much smaller than my original one. I went to Mayo clinic and met with Dr. Terry Burns (neurosurgeon). He recommended I have gamma knife radio surgery. I had it done at Mayo with Dr. Burns and Dr. Brown. Both of the 2 recurrent meningiomas were treated in one gamma knife procedure. It was done in one day as outpatient surgery. I stayed in my hotel that night and stayed in Rochester for two more days and then flew home to Atlanta with no problems. The only side effect from gamma knife that I experienced was that starting the next day, under my eyes got puffy for a few days. Dr. Burns said that is fairly common. I went back to Mayo in Aug 2018 for my one year follow up MRI and appointment with Dr. Burns. The meningiomas were stable. They had not gotten any bigger, which was the goal of gamma knife - to stop them from growing. The MRI showed they actually may have been very slightly smaller. So I consider it very successful for me and much easier and safer than traditional brain surgery. And yes, it is possible to have additional meningiomas either from recurrences or new ones. If I can answer any questions for you, let me know.

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Hi Jill, I am glad to hear that the procedure worked! What type of antibacterial shampoo did you use the night before? Also, did you wear a head cover/hat on your way into the hospital? I will be having medicine to relax me in the MRI but have been told that I won't need it for the actual Gamma procedure. However, I am very claustaphobic. Is your head fully in the Gamma machine? I will have the helmet and another head covering that the nurse said resembles a Darth vada mask. Did you have both? The radiologist said he wants to see me 8 weeks later and at 3 months I will have another MRI. How big were your meningiomas? Thank you for your help.

I'm wondering is gamma knife auppoaed to make the meningioma shrink or just stop growing? I still have the same symptoms that I was having before the gamma knife-headaches, eye pain and weakness in limbs. I'm waiting to hear about my last mri on tuesday