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Hi, just wanted to follow up with you regarding your symptoms. it seems as though we are quite similar. I think I need to see a good GI doc and hopefully get some relief. right now it seems no matter what I eat it causes me to use the restroom. Do you take a good probiotic? if so what is the name? Digestive enzymes? it seems as though I have taken or tested mostly all of them and unfortunately no relief. I tested positive for SIBO, they gave me a couple rounds of a strong antibiotic helped a little but nothing after that. I appreciate your previous response and any help you can assist me with would be appreciated. Thanks

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I take Florastor and Align but I believe the diet is very important to prevent relapses. It is not just about staying gluten or lactose free. I would highly recommend reading about Low FODMAP diet before you start cutting items out of your diet. I did that and lost 20 pounds in two months. Most of us need professional advice from a nutritionist to figure out how to implement the diet correctly. I was starving myself and not getting better when I was trying to implement the diet on my own. There is a great deal of information about how to implement a diet for SIBO. Read up a bit before you start and keep a food diary.

If you can travel then go to the best Clinic that is Number 1or 2 when it comes to GI issues because most GI Doctors doesn’t have a clue. Maybe you have leaky gut or food allergies. Try giving up all milk, and dairy products, stop eating all sugars including fruits and don’t eat gluten products for at least 2 months and take a pre-probiotic and make sure it’s dairy free sugar free and gluten free. You have nothing to loose by trying this and it’s for 60 days. If this doesn’t work then go and see a top GI Doctor. Also ask your Primary Doctor to order you a Ultra Sound of your arteries in your abdominal to look for and compression of your arteries.

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