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I was diagnosed with SIBO in September after taking a very strong or broad acting antibiotic for a UTI. I took two rounds of Flagyl and one of another expensive antibiotic called Alinia. They all helped temporarily but I kept relapsing after a week. What has ultimately helped me is to follow a Low FODMAP diet, low in complex carbs, sugar, no gluten, no lactose, etc. I tried it on my own at first and it was a total disaster until I went to a nutritionist. To start out, cut out gluten and milk products from your diet. No wheat and no grains or many of the foods they tell you to eat when your tummy is upset. No rice or potatoes or pears or apples or apple sauce and no Jello. You can start to slowly reintroduce foods once you feel better. I have now been fairly symptom free for nearly two months. In my case, I had diarrhea multiple times per day, gas and cramping and lost 20 pounds. Please read about low FODMAP diet and SCD diet. Much information is available over the internet. It has literally saved me from misery.

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Thank you very much your case is quite similiar to me. I will lay off the gluten and stay away from any kind of milk? Can I drink Lactose free ?

Hi, just wanted to follow up with you regarding your symptoms. it seems as though we are quite similar. I think I need to see a good GI doc and hopefully get some relief. right now it seems no matter what I eat it causes me to use the restroom. Do you take a good probiotic? if so what is the name? Digestive enzymes? it seems as though I have taken or tested mostly all of them and unfortunately no relief. I tested positive for SIBO, they gave me a couple rounds of a strong antibiotic helped a little but nothing after that. I appreciate your previous response and any help you can assist me with would be appreciated. Thanks

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