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You might look at early posts of mine…Trintellix did me no favors. It was a simply horrible experience for me, but I understand when it works, it works well. My reaction was debilitating, and the cost was dear, but manageable had it worked. Best regards.

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@elwoodsdad Thanks for your input.

Ok, thank you, @elwooodsdad. I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

Hello to elwoodsdad, as well as the entire community here. I did end up trying Trintellix the day after I wrote my previous post. I was on 5 mg. for 3 weeks, and have been on 20 mg. for 1 1/2 weeks. I sometimes feel a bit better, but still have bad depressive bouts. I want to stop taking it, but I am so impulsive, I am trying to wait until I speak with my psychiatrist in 6 days before I make a decision. I feel like it should have helped me by now. It's so hard to tolerate these depressive, suicidal feelings (I had them before I started the Trintellix, also.)
I also started TMS this week as well as 2 ketamine infusions. So if I do ever feel better, I don't know which method will have worked. The Trintellix causes nausea for sure; I finally tolerated the 5mg but now on 10 mg. I have to take Zofran every morning with the 10 mg pills. I also have had some skin rash but not too bad. I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't know if the Trintellix is making things worse, when my other therapies could be working, or if I'd be even more suicidal off of it. If anyone has anything to add, it'd be much appreciated. I don't see anything positive about Trintellix on this thread. That probably tells me something.

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