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Is anyone taking, or familiar with Trintellix? I have been taking Fluoxetine for years and my psychiatrist and I thought I might try this instead. As I read about this I become more and more reluctant to try it due to the many reports of nausea especially and eye troubles as well. I’d appreciate any information anyone on this site has. Thank you.

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Changing drugs is a roll of the dice. I was on Cymbalta, and discussed a possible change as the benefit was diminished. My psychiatrist suggested that Trintellix was reputed to be the latest and greatest, so we tried it. (For context, this was 18 months ago.) I did poorly on Trintellix. Mood and disposition were not good, and suicidal ideation was also a larger issue than before. As a sidebar, Trintellix is very expensive, so paying a premium to feel worse was even more unattractive. Tapered off Trintellix with a combination of clonazepam, and a therapeutic dose of Prozac.

That’s my story, and of course your mileage may vary. Trintellix is, I believe, a good drug for some, but not for all, and certainly not for me. I gave it a couple of months, but it wasn’t meant to be. We are all different.

My depression remains a constant in my life (feel no joy) along with anxiety and lately a few panic attacks. My system is sensitive to medications and have tried numerous meds with numerous side effects, but depression is so unrelenting that new meds have been suggested. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with everything either Trintellix or LDN? Have done some research, but would appreciate some feedback. Thanks

Have read some other posts an Trintellix which cost and bad side effects helps me to determine not to try it for me.

@alamogal635– It's been ages since you last posted. I hope that you are well. I miss your wisdom and comforting words. How have you been?