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Hello everyone. peach here. Just wanted to say: Why is it that none of my doctors can understand why my both legs from the toes to above the knees are swollen and very painful. I cannot walk on them or I will fall. Kidneys are ok, I stay away from all salt, etc., etc. I think it is from the Psoriatic Arthritis. Another doctor says I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Where to go from here? This is going on for more than a month now. Wish they would step up with the research on the psa and not to relay only on the pills. With all the other medications I am on there will be to much in the mix. Ultra sounds, sudo scans, etc., etc do not reveal anything for this symptom. Hanging in there. (Very expensive when you live alone as one needs help for so many things just to stay alive.) Yes, I am depressed but I tend to be very kind to myself and spoil me as much as one can. Love to all and for a symptomles New Year.

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@peach414144 I'm so sorry u are hurting so today. Do your legs weep? Do you think it's lymphadema? a friend has lipedeme ,but it weeps too I,ll find out what kind of Dr she goes to Besides your primary Dr do you see specialist? Hope you feel better

Hi Peach @peach414144 — I'm sorry to hear you are hurting. I think Lioness may be right that you could have Lymphedema. I was diagnosed with it last year and now wear compression socks to control the swelling. I don't really like wearing them and they are a pain to put on and take off but they do their job to control the swelling. Mayo Clinic has some information on the condition here:
Hope you find some answers to help.