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Are we sharing the same body? Jk. My situation is complicated as well. I expect my primary care provider to keep a bird's eye view of my overall care. That means knowing and referring me to all specialists and keeping track of what I'm being treated for. In the case of my Parkinson's dx, she had to know my Neuro, gi and pt symptoms to know the overall symptoms together were related to Parkinson's and refer me to a Neuro who had a specialty in Movement Disorders. I didn't discuss my gi symptoms with the Neuro, or what was going on with physical therapy. See?

Keeping good communication with her is a part of keeping me functioning as much as possible. I'm in a wheelchair and knowing everything made it possible for her to get me a better electric chair that meets all my needs, helps with my circulation issues and helps manage my chronic pain. It takes a little more work on both our parts but finding her has made a huge difference in my overall health. I had to kiss a few frogs myself to find the right provider.

Hope you're having a good day!

Konnie Hoover

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@konniehoover I know my PCP keeps track of me, sometimes too much, but he also knows when I am being tended to by a specialist that he does not need to add anything to my care. I think if he saw something wrong he would comment, particularly when I am dealing with physicians at a different hospital – I doubt he would ever say anything contrary about any physician at the same hospital that he is at.

I do feel it is up to him to be at the hub of my care, as I indicated he gets reports from every doctor I go to. If he felt my care needed coordination then I hope he would step forward.

How long have you been in a wheel chair? Can you get around at all without it? I presume it is not temporary. It sounds as if you do manage to be fairly independent and don’t let that hold you back. I commend you for that.