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I was sorry to hear not only that you were struggling with a rectocele but that you felt uncomfortable talking to your PCP about it. I find that my female provider (a nurse practitioner) makes me more comfortable than I was with male Drs.

Thanks for your response by the way. I have a rectocele as well. The problems I experience are bulging into the vagina, difficulty emptying my bowel and interference with intercourse. I have stool the gets left behind in mine like you. When I'm finally able to have softer stools, I have a little leakage as well. Sorry you have to deal with that. I find it a bit embarrassing that my husband knows about it. I manage to go to my morning water exercise class (seems we have that in common as well) by cleaning out with a small warm water enema. It helps.

The problem I originally wrote about appears to be an anterior enterocele. It's kinda rare compared to a posterior enterocele and I had to go to Yahoo search to find out a little bit about it. It's amazing what you can learn when you're determined to find answers. I still have to have it confirmed by the urogynecologist but I feel pretty certain my internet self diagnosis is on point.

If you want to talk about your issues or mine or have any questions I'm happy to chat with someone who's in the same boat. I'm planning on having the rectocele repaired and the enterocele as well. Hopefully they can do it at the same time.

Thanks again.

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@konniehoover Thanks Konnie. Regarding my PCP, I just figure, what's the point? He's not going to do anything so why bother. I used to go women PCPs, I had three in a row, but the first was a little wacky, the second quit to become a hospitalist so she could have a more regular schedule since she had young children, and the last was a complete dodo. She should have been a Physician's Assistant, she did not have what she needed to be the doctor, plus her heart and mind were with her young children more than with a patient (me) with a complex issue. She is the doctor who told me after one HE episode that she thought I had Alzheimer's and also basically ignored my complaints of hoarseness, which turned out to be from Barrett's Esophagus.

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