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Again, thank all who have responded. I've tried to come up with specific questions and I'm now going to throw these out for consideration. My son is completely Creon dependent – and has issues with regulating bowel movements. 1. Does anyone have any insights as to whether or not it is possible to fine tune dosages, or in any way head off sudden bouts of diarrhea. 2. Can high blood pressure be related to the function of islet cells – has anyone developed high blood pressure several years after pancreatic surgery? 3. Does anyone here have issues with anxiety as a result of these conditions (I suspect the answer is "yes", if so, what are your thoughts on successfully managing anxiety?

We were fortunate in that when the initial diagnosis and surgery were done – he was still on our insurance. It may be that these questions can best be answered at the clinic and we will be exploring coverage now that he's on a marketplace plan.

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@mcantr I also am dependent on Creon. What dose is your son on? My Creon is 24,000 units of Lipase, 76,000 units of Protease and 120,000 units of Amylase. I take 2 capsules with every meal. At first, I took only one with breakfast but had to increase it to 2. I have also started taking 1 capsule with my bedtime snack.

My husband had similar surgery in April 2020. We were told chronic diahrrea and poor weight gain would be problems and this turned out to be true. Regular use of immodium 30 minutes before meals has helped but not consistently. As a result he is considering a colostomy just to get his life (freedom from the bathroom) back.

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