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@sandyabbey that sounds remarkable that a small dog can sense you are in trouble. Did you have you dog trained? I have a 2yr old golden retriever and l was going to have her trained as a service dog but either l am in the hospital or unable to drive or to dizzy to get up but l am ready now. She will go everywhere l go but l want her to be able to press my lifeline and help me get around when l can't. Sometimes when l am real bad and can't walk l have to use a wheelchair. I am suppose to use a walker or a cane but l guess l am hard headed so l do without but l keep it in my car. It's very expensive to get them trained and hard to find someone who will train your animal at a reasonable price.

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@Lisa @ techi. My cardiologist & vet helped me with my dogs training. She actually was just in tune with my body initially. She did have to prove herself. She’s not trained to push my emergency button, but she does alert me when I’m about to have an episode. I sure hope you can get help with your dog. I think the comfort from lov a pet is sometimes a lifesaver. People who don’t understand that are missing out on the experience of a lifetime. As far as the germs on your pet, a person probably has more germs on their shoes than a clean pet does on its feet. You have to keep them clean, but if you love them you will want to. Best of luck with you Service Dog.