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I'm not suggesting anything remotely resembling 'sterile' living. I'm telling you primarily that if you allow contact between your pets, your food or your food prep/storage surfaces, you are likely eating their crap.

Fecal matter in particular is absolutely notorious for causing minor food poisoning. Cats in particular track it everywhere they go. They track it far away from their litter boxes. They do so everyday without exception. Dogs transfer fecal matter on occasion.

Eating crap will make you sick. Even trace amounts will likely trigger a reaction. Trace amounts are not necessarily visible. This is why we wash our hands after wiping our butts. This is why I suggest you dry your hands only on clean towels. It's not 'sterile living'. It's basic hygiene. The same level of care should be taken to avoid eating your pet's crap.

Take my advice and rule this factor out.

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@johnjones – Hello, and Welcome to Connect. This is the place where you can share your experiences and where everyone is welcome to participate. It is a place to find support from people like you.

I am an organ transplant recipient, and I also adhere strictly to food safety guidelines. My immune system is compromised due to the anti rejection medications the I will take for the rest of my life to protect my precious donated organs. I must be very careful to wash my hands and to avoid germs of any kind. Things that are 'safe' for others, can cause me to get sick quickly.

For my own safety, I cringe at the thought of pets on the counters, just as I cringe at the thought of unwashed hands by any food handler. I have learned to accept that many people do not share my concern/need for caution, and so I avoid eating in many situations where I am not comfortable. My health and my life depend on it! My family and close friends support me and have learned to accept my new way of life.
John, what brought you to Connect? Are you at high risk for infection? How can I help you?