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Swingandamiss, I totally agree with you. I also have a service dog. She’s a tiny 4 pound chihuahua. Some may say what can she do. Well she has saved me several times. The first time I was driving. She has always gone everywhere with me. At that time I couldn’t take in into food related places. It’s a good thing she was with me on that day. She always rides beside me in my driver seat. She’s so tiny that she just fits. She never moves, but that day she jumped up. & put her paws on my chest. I thought as anyone would that maybe she felt sick or had to potty. She never had done that before. She just waits until we get to our destination. I immediately found a parking lot to pull over. I was on a busy street but it had plenty of places to pull off. The minute I got the car stopped I got dizzy & felt myself about to pass out. I leaned over the steering wheel. I man saw me & came to the car. I was still conscious enough to open my door. He called 911. They were there in an instant. My blood pressure was dangerously elevated & my heart was out of rhythm. I have Afib & high Bp anyway. I was transported immediately. Abbey ( my dog ) was taken with me. The ambulance driver held her until my husband got there. That was the first time we began to think she might be that intune with me. Then several other times at home she acted like that at home when I was about to have an increase in Bp. We started to ask about the process of getting her certified as a service dog. My cardiologist & vet both helped me. We went through the process & she’s certified now. That’s been about 4 years ago. She sleeps with me & is constantly touching me. She’s kept very clean. I can tell you one thing, she’s less likely to infect me with anything than a sick child or many others that never wash their hands. I’m like you, I think hygiene is the issue. My dog is cleaner than lots of human.

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@sandyabbey that sounds remarkable that a small dog can sense you are in trouble. Did you have you dog trained? I have a 2yr old golden retriever and l was going to have her trained as a service dog but either l am in the hospital or unable to drive or to dizzy to get up but l am ready now. She will go everywhere l go but l want her to be able to press my lifeline and help me get around when l can't. Sometimes when l am real bad and can't walk l have to use a wheelchair. I am suppose to use a walker or a cane but l guess l am hard headed so l do without but l keep it in my car. It's very expensive to get them trained and hard to find someone who will train your animal at a reasonable price.